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Branded Quick-Start Guides for Your Branch

Our low-cost quick-start guides highlight important online features like Bill Pay and Personal Financial Management (PFM) during branch conversations. Bill Pay and PFM are the most valued online offerings when building long-term relationships.

Our Bill Pay guide features detailed (but friendly) instructions on getting started, adding payees, setting up eBills and scheduling payments. Our PFM guides offer insight to assigning categories and running reports, so your users can effectively track their budgets and financial goals.


1. Order

Select your online banking vendor and browse through our easy, convenient quick-start guides covering multiple facets of the online banking channel, including Bill Pay, Personal Financial Management (PFM) and ACH and wires. Place an order on our site and optionally send to multiple branches!

2. Build

After you place your order, you will receive a call from one of our graphic designers to review your purchase. They quickly brand the guides and send a draft to you for feedback. Additional customizations can be requested at the rate of $100 per hour of edits.

3. Produce

We print guides at least once a month. After printing, they are sent directly to each branch included in the order. When the order arrives, open the box, then begin driving online relationships!


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Bill Pay GuidePersonal Financial Management GuideACH and Wires Guide